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Innovative Women's Long Underwear/Base Layer/Leggins

Designed for Women by a Woman • Wicks for Comfort and Warmth

This is not your mother's long underwear!

JenniferJennifer Pharr Davis,

Winner of the 2012

National Geographic Adventure of the Year Award

Is a fan of Andie's Undies!

See her endorsement on Testimonial Page.

So what are Andie’s Undies thermal long underwear/base layer, and how are they different from other long underwear and base layers?

I’ve designed and sell (retail and wholesale) moisture wicking base layer or also known as thermal long underwear, specifically designed to fit a women’s shape (I have curves - do you?).  This base layer/long underwear ‘really do work and it’s what you have been waiting for’! They’re NOT a man’s design with little nips and tucks here and there, then put in pretty colors, to make you think it is designed for you.  Ladies Andie’s Undies are designed by a woman for women!   

Women appreciate, and are demanding, manufacturers of active wear, to make a product specifically for women’s needs, in the design and the material!

What makes Andie’s Undies wicking base layer/long underwear different? (I've incorporated the things I wanted and knew YOU would appreciate):

The design of the Pant and short of the wicking base layer/long underwear. (What is Wicking?)

This wicking base layer/long underwear bottom is worn without underwear.  What? Why?  I have incorporated an ingeniously designed panty structure that opens quickly and easily, hands free when you go into a sitting position... no need to be exposed, keeping you covered and warm when you've 'gotta go'. Now that’s a specific design for WOMEN! 

  • Attractive and flattering
  • Non binding flat waist band
  • Narrow hip or full depending on your size (2 to 22)
  • Sleek and form fitting leg from the hip, narrower in the knee and cut to fit a woman’s calf width and height then narrows to the ankle.
  • Panty structure is nearly invisible under clothing and not cumbersome.
  • Secret pocket for your tissue, key’s etc.


INTRODUCING our new ChitosSante' EXTREME Fabric

What a Girl Wants Next to Her Skin

(see product page for colors)


  • Anti-Bacterial

  • Ordor Resistant

  • Breathable

  • Fast Drying

  • Moisture Management and Wicking

  • Pilling Resistant

  • Environmentally Friendly Treatment

  • Clean and Hygenic

  • UPF 50 Protection



Andie's Undies are ideal for all sports - hiking, biking, golfing, horseback riding, rafting (see testimonial from Whitewater Unltd. Inc. ), tubing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow shoeing and sleding.




The Tops are wicking base layer/long underwear that are designed for a women’s curves. (What is a base layer?)

  • Long sleeve and tank tops flare at the bottom then extend to the mid hip – for ample coverage.
  • Tank top has a princess cut – attractive and form fitting for any shape, won’t gap under the arm while accommodating different bra sizes.
  • So attractive you’ll wear them alone or just for layering under vests, jackets, blazers etc.

The performance fabric I’ve used in Andie’s Undies base layer/thermal long underwear:

  • Polyester/lycra, you’ll see why I choose this fabric – read on.
  • It’s moisture wicking
  • This fabric will stretch four (4) ways in all directions, allowing the long underwear to move with you; most fabrics are 2 way – an up and down or side stretch only.
  • 90% polyester/10% lycra: higher lycra content makes for a smoother material.  Your stretch jeans – are normally only 1-3%!
  • Soft and cuddly fabric that’s brushed on the inside – feels like a second skin, assisting in better wicking properties.
  • Silky–smooth outside allows your outer layer of clothing to glide over them – including your jeans and fleece.
  • Odor has not been an issue with this product, even after being worn several days (see testimonials).

Other features you’ll find so valuable in the design of your Andie’s Undies wicking base layer/thermal long underwear.

  • Made in Colorado, USA
  • Quality construction you expect in a high end product (quality that is comparable to Patagonia, North Face and Columbia) their not just another piece of long underwear.
  • No gapping in the back of the pant
  • No bunching in the hips or knees
  • The leg portion won’t pull up out of your boot or shoe as you bend
  • Top and bottoms adapt to your individual shape (the lycra allows for that – and gives you a little support).
  • Softly brushed wicking fabric keeps you dryer which, in turn helps with staying warm or cool.
  • Thermal warmth
  • When you’ve ‘gotta go’ you stay warm, covered and maintain your dignity.

The pants and tops are both available in fashionable colors you will love to coordinate with your outerwear! 

It’s what active outdoor women like you, have been waiting for. Join the women that say, this long underwear “really does work, it’s what we’ve been waiting for and there is nothing on in the market that performs like these!” 

Oh, girls sizes 6-14 are coming soon. My granddaughter is testing them now!




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